Ambassadors of Christ for Peace and Development (AOC-PAD)

  • Location Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement
  • Mission: To improve food security, prevent dependency, reduce vulnerability, enhance self-reliance, support for livelihood is particularly important. Developing a set of specific skills during displacement of refugees has a positive impact on the well-being and future opportunities of the persons.
  • What they do :Livelihood and food security, Protection of persons with Special needs, Child protection and Sexual gender based violence, Peace building, Non-formal education as well as ¬†Supporting Small scale agriculture for food security, Encouraging poultry or small livestock breeding,¬† encourage small scale entrepreneurship, strength already existing income generating activities, Life skills training
  • Project that GRYN is Funding: Supporting livelihood to improve lives of the most unprivileged women,youths and children within the refugee and host community Refugee youths have suffered direct loses of their productive, economic, financial and social assets, they have the right to protect, recover, improve and develop their livelihoods because they are largely dependent on assistance and services of others to fulfill their basic needs and rights. Support for positive livelihood strategies such as skills training, agriculture support, income generating initiatives among others is critical since this may prevent negative copying mechanism such as prostitution and theft. This can also impact positively on the security within the camp since employment which can arise from it can reduce boredom, frustration and level of criminal activities and violence among the youths combating protections risks related to alcohol or substance abuse and cases of gender based violence.