Tedi Africa 

  • Location : Nairobi, Kenya 
  • Mission : Tackling Poverty through Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship for 1 Million South Sudanese People by 2030
  • What they do : We offer vocational trainings, workshops, mentorship events and social innovation seminars

Project that GRYN is Funding:Women Economic Empowerment Plan: The Women Economic Empowerment Plan is a project that targets underserved, South Sudanese refugees urban women aged 20-30. Our intervention is service-based, providing practical business skills via tailored training programs in areas of financial literacy and basic business management. The ultimate goal is to improve women’s living conditions through robust household financial management and business acumen. This creates a trickle-down effect on poverty alleviation for the refugee women who reside in the low-income areas of Nairobi.By the end of the program, it is expected that a social return on investment of 10 women running their own enterprises with a 30% increase in savings will result.

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