Alpha TechRoom

  • Location: Malawi Dzaleka Refugee Camp. 
  • Mission: To accompany, teach, promote, and empower young refugees in technology and diminish unemployment using available technological skills.
  • What they do: Alpha TechRoom, as an organization that teaches both Graphic and Web Design, computer basic and IT support skills, and video graphics, participated in the Superior Designing competition to represent Refugees of the Dzaleka camp. This competition had three levels, district, region, and national level. Alpha TechRoom, we managed to pay the registration fee and managed to win the first level but still failed to move on with the completion due to problems in terms of finances. These are some issues that slow our performance and act as an obstacle to our mission and goals.1. Teaching Graphic and Web Design, IT support, Ethical hacking, Computer basics, and security, 2. Graphics Design, 3. Web Design, 4. Software development 5. Photo/video shooting.

Project that GRYN is Funding: Alpha TechRoom is an organization of young Programmers and Designers established in September 2020. Since its establishment, the organization has been teaching Computer basics, IT support skills, Graphic Design and Web Design, and creating software as its core activities; with the hope. Get adding different kinds of technology and designing to the existing one. The purpose of Alpha TechRoom is to awaken the spirits of people sleeping in distraction, willing to do something through technology. After noting different problems encountered by youth in Dzaleka and the surrounding villages, due to the lack of designing schools and centers, utilization of software developing skills around them.

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