Tawakal Youth Organization

  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya 
  • Mission: To create a generation that is aware of its roles and hence actively participates in developing their community. To offer an opportunity to members to acquire the necessary knowledge for protection against radicalization and ideologies that can cause harm to themselves and their community members.
  • What they do: Psychosocial support, women and girls empowerment, capacity building, programs for people with disabilities, culture awareness, and GBV awareness.
  • Project that GRYN is Funding: Ending violence against women and girls – We want to achieve a safe environment for women and girls, we all know that most refugee women came from a harsh environment in which they don’t understand their rights and if/when someone is violating it, especially we want to tackle young girls how to grow and to know themselves well aware on their mental health emotional and physical presence.