Botanica repellent

  • Location: Nakivale refugee camp, Uganda
  • Mission: To have Malaria free refugee communities
  • What they do: We collaborate with women in our activities such as production, malaria awareness campaigns, and marketing. These are platforms, where we create job opportunities for these women for their financial sustainability

A project that GRYN is Funding is: Production of mosquito repellant and educating the community on how to fight malaria. Botanica is a social business that tackles the problem of malaria infection for children below the age of 5 living in rural and refugee communities around Uganda We provide a unique moisturized natural and affordable mosquito repellent jelly that prevents mosquito bites hence fighting malaria INFECTION. We Aim to work on massive production of these mosquito repellents and distribute 10% of each production to refugee children, and 90% of sales.

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