Women and Children at Risk (WCR)

  • Location: Uganda
  • What they do: Helping vulnerable women and children to meaningfully contribute to life in communities around them. WCR is involved in the following activities: we offer basic education to children, vocational skills to women and young adults in terms of English language and theoretical computer knowledge, and we teach and sensitize girls and women for good hygienic conditions in preparedness and protection during their menstruation period, and sports activities in football, basketball, and tennis.
  • Project that GRYN is Funding: Tunaweza Badilisha Maisha, translated in English as ‘‘we can improve lives’’, is a project undertaken by the organization Women and Children at Risk located in Nyanama, Namasuba Nsagi-Bunamwaya Kampala Uganda near Movit Company. Due to different needs that the community is facing in term of unemployment which leads to a high cost of living, poverty that create a failure to provide school fees for children but also for young men and women in the region, the lack of food that lead to malnutrition, among others. To sustain lives, WCR with the collaboration of the community aims to implement the project by the name called Tunaweza Badilisha Maisha, which involves rearing rabbits at the organization site and distributing them mostly to the young adults facing the challenges stated and families in need in the region on their home-based location to look after to gain income from these raising activities of rabbits to improve the way of living but also empowering young people.

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