2022 UNHCR-NGO Global Consultations
Localization and Climate Action

Working with Refugee Youth: Strengthening refugee youth leadership and youth-led organizations at the local level

8 June 2022
10:00 – 11:30 am (CET)


Moderated by Mr. Ibrahim Sallet Mahamat, Capacity Building Coordinator, Global Refugee Youth Network. Co-moderator Ms. Adriana Figueredo, Tertiary Refugee Student Network.


Ms. Uma lekshmi, Youth Compact Champions
Mr. Emmanuel bahanuzi, Executive Director, Malemavu

Mr. Elie Nsala, Communication Coordinator, Refugee Child Coalition for Climate Action,

Ms. Adhieu achuil, Founder and Director, MonyQadow Enterprise

Ms. Ghazal Sarah Salehi, Academic Programmes Manager, Refugee-Led Research Hub


  • To share some of the good practices necessary to effectively support refugee
    youth leading and working on initiatives at the local level drawing from the
    experience we have learnt from funding groups locally.
  • To explore forms of partnerships needed to ensure humanitarian work at the
    local level is inclusive of refugee community
  • To explore how humanitarian organizations can adapt and adopt the IASC
    youth guidelines for use in their own context.
This side event will be held in English and French, (Spanish Simultaneous interpretation).