• Location: Morocco


The project involves a comprehensive effort to raise awareness and provide support to women, children, and the LGBTQ+ community who have experienced Gender-Based Violence (GBV). Their planned activities are extensive, including a session focused on GBV awareness and training. This encompasses various logistical aspects, such as renting venues, organizing participant transportation, creating T-shirts adorned with GRYN and ARMONIK logos, managing lunch arrangements, and setting up an association roll-up display. Additionally, they are undertaking a significant initiative to distribute food to vulnerable individuals. This phase involves tasks like purchasing food products, arranging transportation, renting a venue for a pre-distribution recap, and providing transportation for participants. Throughout both activities, meticulous documentation is a priority, including venue rental invoices, product payment receipts, attendance lists, and discharge confirmations for all participants. Recognizing the importance of visual documentation, they have also engaged a photographer to capture impactful images during the events.