Asociación Lluvia de Arcoiris


  • Location: Quito, Ecuador



“Murality, Expression of Emerging Voices” is a transformative project dedicated to training school leaders with a focus on promoting rights and preventing violence among a diverse student population, including those in situations of human mobility such as refugees, migrants, returnees, stateless persons, asylum seekers, as well as LGBTI and host students. Operating in both public and private educational institutions in the north and south of Quito, specifically those with a substantial enrollment of the LGBTI population in human mobility, the initiative targets students in the first, second, and third years of high school. These student promoters are not only equipped with a deep understanding of human rights, gender equity, and violence prevention across various dimensions but are also adept at utilizing mural art as a powerful socio-emotional tool. The project aims not only to empower these young leaders but also to create a ripple effect as they become ambassadors, disseminating acquired knowledge throughout their social spheres. The inclusive age range of 11 to 18 years and the project’s commitment to authorization from representatives underscore its dedication to embracing diversity and fostering a safe, collaborative learning environment.


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