Battling For Sustainability of Solidarity (BSS)


  • Location:Kenya Nairobi, Lodwar town, Kakuma Refugee camp


In their ongoing project, the Battling for Sustainability of Solidarity group strives to counteract discrimination and violence against women and girls by empowering the community to recognize the pivotal role of women as the pillars of society. Acknowledging that women, especially widows and married women facing societal constraints play a crucial role in providing for families, the project seeks to challenge prevailing norms. The impact of gender inequality extends to educational disparities, with many girls facing denial of access to school, leading to alarming dropout rates, early marriages, child labor, and responsibilities caring for siblings. Recognizing the urgent need for change in Kakuma refugee camp, the project proposes an initiative aimed at educating society on gender equality. This involves engaging men and boys at individual, couple, and community levels, partnering with health facilities as advocates for gender equality and human rights. Additionally, the project aims to support vulnerable students who face educational barriers due to adverse conditions and empower women through sustainable income-generating activities, fostering a poverty graduation model.


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