Bluebird Soccer Academy


  • Location: Uganda, Hoima city, Kikuube district, Kyangwali subcounty, Kyangwali refugee settlement.


They provide a holistic approach to empowerment and development for young refugees through a diverse set of initiatives. Their programs encompass soccer training and the provision of skill equipment, using sports as a transformative tool for personal and communal growth. Additionally, they focus on the integration of education within the soccer framework, recognizing it as a powerful catalyst for positive change. The organization also places emphasis on youth mentorship, fostering meaningful engagement through small group interactions. Leadership training is a key component, instilling essential skills and values for future community leaders. Recognizing the importance of the digital era, they incorporate digital literacy, technology, and innovation into their programs, ensuring that young refugees are equipped with the skills needed in the modern world. Furthermore, the organization conducts home visits, creating a personalized approach to understanding and addressing the unique needs of each individual in their care. Through this multifaceted strategy, they strive to empower and uplift young refugees, providing them with the tools and support necessary for a brighter future.


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