BUCC-Empower All Collective (Bangkok Urban Community Club)


  • Location: Thailand Bangkok Phattanakan


Comprising six female and three male members, our team boasts dedicated finance and education officers, skilled teachers, and an adept manager. As a nonprofit organization, we are committed to offering essential English language and computer literacy courses. Our diverse team ensures a comprehensive approach, and our educational commitment drives us to empower individuals with valuable skills. Through our courses, we aim to create a positive impact by enhancing language proficiency and technological competence, enabling our community to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. To further acknowledge dedication, stipends are provided for all staff, and rewards are given to the top two students. The BUCC team extends sincere gratitude to the GRYN team for its impactful support, significantly improving the lives of many refugees and asylum seekers in Thailand. Our expanded services now include English Language Courses, Computer Literacy, Career Development, Family Engagement, Teacher Training, Job Opportunities, Internships, and Sports Activities.


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    Our Web: https://buccnvr2020.wixsite.com/bucc-edu-org/blank-3