Community Empowerment Network (CENET)


  • Location: Katiku 3 village, Rhino refugeesettlement, Madi-Okollo district, Arua City, Uganda


With generous funding from GRYN, they successfully implemented a skills development project focused on training refugee youth in the art of liquid and bar soap making, coupled with essential entrepreneurship skills. A total of 120 refugee youths were reached and equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to produce soap for both commercial and domestic purposes. The impact of these acquired skills has been significant, fostering self-reliance among the refugee youth, alleviating their dependency on humanitarian relief assistance that may be subject to delays. The project, which included the formation of 24 youth groups that received comprehensive training, witnessed a commendable transformation as most of these groups effectively translated their newfound skills into viable enterprises. Notably, the primary objective of the project, to have the youth produce and sell soap within the community at affordable prices to both refugees and the hosting population, has been successfully realized, contributing to the overall sustainability and empowerment of the refugee community.


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