DAFISOM Students Organization


  • Location: Somalia


Prior to commencing their project activities, they conducted several meetings with education and girls-related organizations to establish partnerships. Among the organizations they included were UNHCR, Windle International, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Gollis University, Kuwait Educational Charitable Academy, and DAN. Subsequently, they held a conference to launch the project, where they invited representatives from various universities and schools in the region, humanitarian organizations in the field, and a select group of refugees. During the discussion panel, the panelists reached a consensus on the project’s main objective, which is to tackle misconceptions that hinder girls’ and children’s education. Many opinions and observations were shared about the problem statement and potential solutions. The conference was highly successful in shedding light on the issue, establishing partnerships, and securing commitments to contribute during the upcoming activities. They believe that this success will translate into expanding the circle of beneficiaries.