El derecho a no obedecer


  • Location: Cartagena, Colombia


In Cartagena, the collaborative efforts of civil society organizations and community leaders, encompassing both Colombian and Venezuelan women, particularly in vulnerable socio-economic neighborhoods like El Pozón and Nelson Mandela, stand out for their holistic approach to addressing social and cultural dynamics arising from migration. Notably, the “Mujeres No Obedientes Escuelita Binacional de Incidencia” initiative provides a powerful platform for political education among women, emphasizing a collective and individual understanding of leadership. The use of secure spaces fosters trust and cooperation, enabling participants to collectively identify and address social issues, with a specific focus on gender and intersectionality in the context of migration. The binational nature of this endeavor underscores the transborder challenges faced by the migrant population, emphasizing the importance of cross-national collaboration in crafting comprehensive solutions and building resilient networks of support.


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