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  • Location: Uganda, South western region, Kamwenge Districk, Nkoma-Katalyeba sub county, Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement.


In the Vijana Tusonge Mbele Project, their primary aim is to foster a sense of togetherness, enhance self-esteem, and promote body autonomy and a positive personal physical perception among the youth in the Rwamwanja Refugee community. Through a multifaceted approach, the project seeks to create awareness on crucial issues, including Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) through targeted training sessions. Additionally, recognizing the unifying power of sports, particularly football, the project incorporates a football tournament as a means to bring the refugee youth together in a spirit of camaraderie and friendly competition. By addressing both the physical and mental well-being of the participants, the Vijana Tusonge Mbele Project aims to empower the Rwamwanja Refugee Youths, fostering a supportive community environment that contributes to their holistic development.

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