Gawaar Nuer Community Association (GNCA)


  • Location: Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya


In their dedicated initiative, they strive to extend vital resources and opportunities to the entire community. The project serves as an inclusive hub, providing refugees with access to crucial information, a secure and welcoming learning environment, and a communal space for gatherings. Alongside foundational training programs encompassing peacebuilding, tuition, and empowerment, the project actively fosters unity through peace initiatives and tournaments within the refugee communities. Special attention is given to vulnerable refugee children who lack essential school supplies, ensuring their access to education. Furthermore, youth mentorship initiatives, counseling services, and career guidance programs operate within the library to offer valuable guidance and support. In a holistic approach, the project also addresses community health promotion and imparts foundational ICT skills. Through these multifaceted efforts, they aim to uplift and empower the refugee community in Kakuma.