Kakuma Mentorship Warriors


  • Location: Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya


Kakuma Mentorship Warriors is the playing field for camp students preparing for the final national examination. Operating with a vision of providing extra support to fellow refugee youths, the program has flourished with the assistance of the Global Refugee Youth Network (GRYN), which generously funded its inaugural project. With the increased student enrollment, Kakuma Mentorship Warriors has expanded its team of teachers and acquired essential teaching materials. The support from GRYN has also enabled the program to conduct its first exams preparation?. Beyond the academic assistance, the program extends its impact by offering mentorship on critical issues such as drug and substance abuse, mental health, early girl child pregnancy, and available scholarship opportunities. Looking toward the future, Kakuma Mentorship Warriors harbors a long-term goal of sponsoring one student annually to Kenyan high schools, exemplifying their commitment to creating lasting educational opportunities for refugee youth.


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