Mental health family

  • Location:Kampala, Uganda
  • Mission: To ensure all refugees in urban to get mental health awareness and services
  • What they do:Mental health caused problems in the community like anxiety disorders stress and depression management psychological problemsAnother mental health issues there is a reasonĀ  this association raised was because of lockdown of 2010 when Covid 19 Most organizations give focus to giving food to live and livelihood support they were organizations who were supporting people of mental health but at that time all other organizations and we are not functioning well go to lockdown for that reason we formed mental health family to support and strength it was mental self oh activities include workshop storerooms peer discussions and training Mental health disorders Stress and depression management support of GBV, empowerment of women and girls encouraging the minor groups ie LQBTQI activities are workshops t Esa inning discussion and peer pressure forums

Project that GRYN is Funding::Enhancing mental health workshops and psychological support to enhance effective service deliver to the community “The project is trying to achieve; to increase the number of refugees getting mental health awareness To enable and increase the support of psychological people and SGBV victims To teach stress and depression management “