Nawezaa Media


  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya


In the realm of refugee sports, a stark contrast exists between the attention given to locals and the near abandonment experienced by refugees. Despite an abundance of untapped talent, particularly in football, refugees face the harsh reality of inadequate support from local authorities, refugee organizations, and a lack of advocacy for refugee sports. Kenya currently lacks successful refugee sports initiatives or teams, leaving a notable void. Nawezaa, as a media platform, endeavors to address this gap by organizing three football and volleyball tournaments exclusively for refugee-led teams. These tournaments aim not only to explore and invest in the talents of local refugee boys’ football teams (under 15 and under 23) but also to bridge the gap in recognition. Over a three-month period, teams will vie for cash rewards, football kits, talent development opportunities, exposure, and a coveted trophy. Additionally, women in the project will actively participate in volleyball, targeting those under 27 years of age.

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