New Horizons


  • Location: Amman, Jordan.


The New Horizons program stands as a transformative training initiative meticulously crafted to empower young individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Their comprehensive curriculum not only covers essential life skills but also delves into areas such as cultural exchange, photography, climate change, environment, and mental health. To keep pace with the evolving needs of the youth, these trainings undergo regular updates. The program’s mission is clear: to cultivate a new generation of change agents within the community. Through the holistic training program, they engage young people to nurture their inherent potential and provide them with the tools necessary for meaningful transformations. The ultimate vision is for these empowered youths to emerge as future leaders, serving as beacons of inspiration for both upcoming and preceding generations. By instilling essential skills and fostering cross-cultural understanding, they strive to bridge divides and catalyze positive change in societies.


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