Refugee Coalition for Climate Action (RCCA)

  • Location: Tongogara Refugee Camp, Chipinge, Zimbabwe

Refugee Coalition for Climate Action (RCCA) is a refugee youth-led organization spearheading a youth-led approach to climate and environmental action in Tongogara Refugee Camp and the host communities in Chipinge District, Zimbabwe. Their missions range from championing environmental restoration and fostering dialogue on climate response to prioritizing fruit tree planting for food security, facilitating climate justice with a focus on women and girls’ leadership, and promoting children’s participation in climate and environmental action. Guided by core principles such as empowerment, local ownership, gender equality, diversity inclusion, and sustainability, RCCA aims to empower individuals, involve climate-vulnerable communities in leadership roles, ensure gender equality in program design, embrace diversity, and work toward long-term economic and environmental sustainability. In 2023, RCCA targets providing climate and environmental literacy to over 2000 young people, planting 2000 trees, establishing an indigenous nursery, creating an orchard at Tongogara Primary School, and facilitating environmental safety by collecting plastic and e-waste.


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