TRC Fitness Club

  • Location: Tongogara refugee camp/Chipinge district /Manicaland province


The TRC Fitness Club, situated in the Tongogara refugee camp in Zimbabwe has played a crucial role in the well-being of refugees by offering diverse workout programs, including yoga, aerobic dance, weightlifting, and cardio boxing. These sessionsclasses have empowered both men and women to achieve their desired fitness goals. Despite its success, the club faces challenges due to the varied fitness levels and the growing popularity of its sessions. People of all age groups wish to join, leading to gaps in meeting their diverse fitness needs. Additionally, the club lacks sufficient equipment to accommodate the increasing number of participants. For instance, there is a shortage of yoga mats, aerobic steppers, and weightlifting equipment, hindering the club’s ability to fully serve its clients. Seeking support, the TRC Fitness Club turns to GRYN to address these challenges and enhance its capacity to cater to the fitness requirements of the diverse refugee community.

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