Youth Voices Community


  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya


Youth Voices Community (YVC), a refugee-led organization, is dedicated to amplifying the voices of refugee youth while fostering their self-reliance. Their focus is on addressing various needs within the refugee community through skills-based training and workshops. YVC is committed to promoting self-reliance in key areas like Entrepreneurship and Digital Literacy. In Entrepreneurship, YVC employs a multifaceted approach: first, by delivering adaptable, focused entrepreneurship training tailored to individuals aged 18-35, thereby enhancing their skills and knowledge. Secondly, the organization aims to strengthen the ties between entrepreneurship skills training and the fulfillment of basic needs. YVC also actively promotes entrepreneurship support and networking by creating awareness of initiatives that benefit refugees in terms of entrepreneurial opportunities. This involves connecting refugee entrepreneurs with experienced mentors and facilitating connections with diaspora and host country networks to elevate their businesses. Through their tailored entrepreneurship courses, YVC empowers refugees to initiate or expand their businesses, formalize business registration, and cultivate a savings culture to enhance their overall financial resilience.

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