Assorted Energies International (AEI) Pvt Ltd

  • Location : Zimbabwe Tongogara Refugee Camp
  • Mission : To develop local energy solutions to energy problems faced by the country., To promote sustainable development for refugees in Tongogara Refugee Camp,  To promote sustainable energy in the agricultural sector mostly for refugee communities., To promote clean, environmentally friendly energy for the future.To earn low risk, attractive return for investors and clients.
  • What they do : ​​It is a renewable energy and electrical power company mainly interested in the:Manufacture of Solar Food Dryers, Manufacture of Solar Poultry Incubators,Design, maintenance and installation of Solar Power Systems, Design, maintenance and installation of Solar Water Heating Systems,Supply of Solar Lights and Other Equipment,Renewable Energy consultations

Project that GRYN is Funding:Sustainable Development for Refugee Youth and Women through Skill Acquisition, Women Empowerment and Job Creation in Renewable Energy Technologies for a Greener Future. The project major strength lies in the fact that currently there is a shortage of electricity and a need to help refugee farmers and the public due to the post-harvest losses as well as in poultry farming for the development of chicks through providing the essential and optimum conditions artificially that allows a proper development of chicks at a larger scale. To inform, transform and educate refugee communities to embrace renewable energy.We will continuously facilitate training programs for refugee youths and women in the camp perhaps twice a month. We will recruit refugee youth and women to build onto the vision and missions of the company. We will set up a manufacturing plant where we will fabricate prototypes for the solar food dryers and solar poultry incubators initially and then once prototype testing is successful, we will go on to commercialize through mass productions. We will facilitate residential and commercial solar system installations and the procurement and selling of renewable energy products. In the long run we hope to establish at least a 5MW Solar Power Plant, a consultancy company on renewable energy technologies, a research and development (R&D) institution and to establish an IGCC, the first in Zimbabwean history.

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