Youth Voices Community (YVC)

    • Location: Nairobi, Kenya.
    • Mission:  Under this 3Ts Principle we seek To advocate – Amplify the voices of refugees, educate – Train on digital and English skills as well as support education programs, and empower – enhance the welfare of communities through promoting community participation and strengthening their capacity to diversify their livelihood.
  • What they do: YVC is a refugee-led refugee youth-led organization and we have partnered with other refugee-led organizations during this time of covid 19 to support refugees with food and masks as a response to covid19 – to learn more about YVC visit our website –

A project that GRYN is Funding: Digital Skills for Opportunities for Refugees Our mission is to give a voice to refugee and vulnerable local youths in Nairobi by helping them share their stories, building their capacity, and engaging in advocacy. We envision that our target population shall use the mentioned skills to positively respond to the current economic challenges such as the lack and loss of jobs caused by the adverse effects of the covid19 pandemic. With new avenues towards making a living from the newly acquired computer skills, we believe that we shall have made a direct impact towards turning around many families’ economic fortunes one step at a time.